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Austin 7 RP Saloon or Tourer Wanted
in good condition though some work not objected to. Please tel. or txt 07710-543075

Posted: Fri, 9 Mar. 2018
Expires: Sun, 8 Apr. 2018
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Set of four Waymaster 400/425x15 very little wear, used for one season Hadley only. Offers around £100 or so. Buyer collects.

Posted: Tue, 6 Mar. 2018
Expires: Thu, 5 Apr. 2018
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3 Bearing Pressure Fed Engine for S
Pressure fed 3 bearing engine
I have a 3 bearing pressure fed engine to sell , it came with my nippy many years ago .
The engine is stripped down , I had the crankshaft crack tested and it was fine .
aluminium sports sump with the 9 E cast into it , tulip valves but 3 vales are missing in the Block , Dante aluminium sports head , sports canshaft.
Crankcase is un drilled where the oil jets normally go .
All the bits seem to be there apart from 3 valves.
White metal looks good in the con rods and crank looks fine .
con rods are for floating pins .
Strange that they used white metal in these engines, i thought 3 bearings would have had shells.
I have kept the nippy carb , manafold and head as I am using them on my nippy.
I am looking for offers over £3000.00 for this very rare engine that must be a late nippy or speedy engine.

cant see how to attach a photo of all the parts laid out.

Location: Birmingham , uk

Posted: Wed, 9 Aug. 2017
Expires: Thu, 9 Aug. 2018
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Cupped & Dish Core Plugs
UK based manufacturers & suppliers of dished & cupped, Brass, Stainless steel, Zinc plated Mild Steel, and other materials available upon request.

Posted: Sun, 17 Jan. 2016
Expires: Fri, 15 Jan. 2021
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