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Prednisone alternative?

Hoping someone has an alternative to Prednisone.

Bella was put on it to get her back up recently and it does work, however it brings with it the panting and thirst, which in turn brings frequent trips outside.

We've slowly reduced her down to 1/4 tab 2x per day, but I'm sure a higher dose would probably be easier for her without the side effects.

If anyone has an alternative that would be great.

We also were given Tramadol which we don't really use, but maybe should?

Re: Prednisone alternative?

Tramadol is very safe. Pai has DM and he takes 21 tramadol a day split into 3 doses; he can't take NSAIDS, so all he has is the tramadol.

I don't know of an alternative to steroids like pred; it can work wonders though. Sometimes, you just have to put up with the side effects if it works. What I didn't like about it was the roid rage that could come with it. Raven would be absolutely vicious to the point of attacking me (and I was the only one who could safely handler her to begin with!), so we chose to live without the pred.

Good luck; having a sick baby sucks :(

Re: Prednisone alternative?

I had previously found something on a natural steroid like prednisone on another site but cant find it now. Its made at a compounding pharmacy. Similar to the female hormones that if you take the pharmacuetical ones you have side effects, even cancers, but if you do the bioidentical ones compounding for you, you get the benefits but not the side effects.

will keep looking. thanks about the tramadol, i always get worried about giving her stuff, she had real issues with aspirin way back when the vet recommended that for her knee, so we changed to the SOD/boswelia.

Re: Prednisone alternative?

Wish I could help, Bridget, but I don't have any experience with Prednisone or any possible, alternative ideas concerning the fur kids. However, I can tell you that we've used Tramadol with two of our mastiffs in the past on a short term basis (if memory serves me, both times had to do with a deeply, sprained and swollen ankle) and we had no long term problems with either of the boys by using this drug. I understand your reservations about drugs - - - but sometimes we just have to take a leap of faith when the pups are in pain and try what we can. Best wishes and give Bella a big hug and kiss from me! -Cindy-

P.S. If you know or can find a compounding pharmacist in a compounding pharmacy, don't hesitate to talk to him or her about what you've read . . . my dad was a pharmacist with a compounding pharmacy and he was just as happy to discuss the options with people with pet problems as he was to help people with people problems . . . of course they can't dispense such without a prescription . . . but you may just find out a wealth of information of which you can take back to your vet and discuss in detail. Good Luck!

Re: Prednisone alternative?

Being a Vet Tech AND having Lupus, I am all too familiar with prednisone. What was your dog on prednisone for? This is the key piece of information. ;)