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Another Mastiff TV Star - Cox Cable National Ad

I'm not a Cox Cable promoter, but it's the only cable system available in my area and if you are not in a Cox Cable community you will probably not be able to view this ad. (Then again, I haven't checked "You Tube.")

This relatively new commercial starring the Mastiff is only "so-so" as far as cleverness but it features a family Mastiff and his/her human family characters trying to make things "fit." It truly makes this Mastiff lover smile!

Anywho . . . The first Mastiff (18 - 24 months old, I'm guessing) scene is a Mastiff trying to fit through a KITTY sized pet door (it's obviously too small for even a low weight, mid-sized dog) and the 2nd Mastiff scene involves the same Mastiff finally fitting on the couch to watch TV with the family even as the Dad has to sit on the arm of the couch. - - - But Woo Hoo: One 30 second ad, two prominent scenes for the Mastiff! How cool is that?

Again, I don't see this ad as a brilliant feat of marketing on Cox Cable's part, but I love, love, love the promotion of these lovely Mastiffs as fantastic family pets and am thankful Cox Cable is doing at least that!

Now go hug and scratch the big fur boys and girls! -Cindy-

Re: Another Mastiff TV Star - Cox Cable National Ad

Sounds very cute Cindy. Maybe I should move to Kansas so I can see it.

TJ and I saw another new car commercial the other day with a mastiff in it. If I remember correctly they showed a mastiff in the back seat with his "mom & dad" upfront. The car was too small so the mastiff's big ole head was practically in the front seat. Then they showed him in a new "big" car (can't even remember what kind of car it was) with him way in the back with plenty of room. Hopefully we'll see it again and I'll pay more attention next time.

Re: Another Mastiff TV Star - Cox Cable National Ad

I haven't see Cox Cable ad and a quick search on youtube didn't turn up anything for me.

I have seen the other commercial, several times. I think it's for a 2013 Arcadia SUV. Most of us have probably dealt with a Mastiff head peering in the front seat area while driving.