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"Now that's a first!"

Sampy had a moment that might have frightened me in my early years of Mastiff parenting yet this particular incident left me dumbstruck, astonished, & a bit amused - and not at all fearful!

I hope this post is not too soon after we have all learned of PJ's big boy Hoss' passing - - - but I find it a blessing when the surviving fur guys and gals manage to help us each to keep focused on the living. (Sometimes I can almost imagine our fur babies at The Bridge telling their fur friends on planet Earth to buck up and distract the humans from their sadness . . . just 'cuz!)

The weather was fair and fine - mid 80's and sunny skies with a light breeze - late Thursday afternoon, this week. As I always do on these types of days, I kept the back door open most of the day so that Sampson the Mastiff and Baxter (the once in a while still bratty - yet improving - boy visitor) Boston could come and go as they pleased.

Bax was a few feet outside of the door looking through the picket fence, simply watching the world go by. Samp had plopped just inside of the door in our laundry/utility room keeping an eye on the backyard activity while settled on his tummy: The lower 3/4th's of Samp's long torso leaning against the cool metal of the non running clothes dryer.

Very brief back story - I'm relatively efficient at getting laundry in & out of the washing machine but since I don't have a "set in stone" laundry day, I often (usually) don't pull out each dryer load on a timely basis. I'm guessing it was seeing Samp snuggling against the cool dryer that reminded me I had a load of blue jeans still in the dryer that afternoon.

Since I've been doing laundry with Mastiffs in the mix for over a decade now, I did not even hesitate to open the dryer door (at a 90 degree angle over Sampy's resting back) and squatted down to gather the jeans. All went well . . . until . . . (I SWEAR IT ALL HAPPENED IN LESS THAN FIVE SECONDS) Sampson & Baxter changed the script!

Baxter barked at a passerby at the very same moment I accidentally dropped a pair of jeans on Samp's back.

Sampson, his back directly below the open dryer door, got double spooked and stood straight up.

As the OEM rose with the dryer door open at nearly a 90 degree angle above his back, his body weight managed to lift the front of the dryer about 8 inches off of the floor.

As Sampy scrambled beneath the open door he managed to pull the dryer about 5 inches forward, too.

Simultaneously, I jumped upright and accidentally dropped the entire load of clean jeans that were in my arms all over the laundry room floor.

The two dogs began attacking the obviously VERY BAD - VERY GUILTY clean blue jeans and dragged a few pairs into the backyard before I could reasonably react.


Then the truly unbelievable thing happened: I did not panic and simply stepped back and immediately (and very literally) Laughed Out Loud! Then I spoke out loud - to no one in particular as the dogs were in the yard with the jeans - the very first words that floated through my brain.

"Now that's a first!"

Oh this Mastiff Life! Take care, all. -Cindy-

Re: "Now that's a first!"

Cindy don't ever worry about it being too soon to make me laugh.
Hoss was a very special baby(they all are)and we do miss him "alot",but life goes on and I know that I will be seeing him again one day along with JD,Bella,and Darcy,and Maya,Cheyenne,ect....
I am a doglover from childhood (take after my dad)and you never get used to losing them but learn to deal with it in your own way.I have days that I go to his grave and have a good cry and then I laugh at myself when I acidentally call Tux "Hoss". I really am okay and enjoy reading your stories.I have to admit I thought it was going to end with you falling into the dryer,lol.
I guess now is a good time to tell everyone that we have another puppy.
Her name is Ellie Mae and she is half Mastiff and half Rottweiler(mother).
Hoss was always our intimidater(even though he wouldn't have bitten anyone)and since loosing him Dusty wanted to get another intimidater to have on the place.Since Wendy will not have puppies for a while longer we found Ellie and she will be our furkid that people are watchful of. We have had several break-ins in our area the past few months. Anyway didn't mean to highjack your post and will post pics later.

Re: "Now that's a first!"

Thank you, PJ, for your kind words, and I'm glad my little slice of life story made you laugh after such a difficult loss.

I think the only reason (my short story) I didn't fall into the dryer and jumped up & backed off instead was that after years of living with these grand Mastiffs, I've finally come to the conclusion that these dogs will surprise me time and time again and I'd darn well better watch out for my own sanity concerning their crazy antics & learn to love and trust their stamina!

I think it's in the Mastiff DNA to mess with the minds of their pet parents on a routine basis and I also think that's one of the reasons we love them so much.

Good for you and Dusty for adopting yet another fur baby: Best wishes for Miss Ellie Mae! I do have to tell you, though, that you stole my name choice for a Brindle Mastiff gal should she ever come into my life! Were you remembering Ellie Mae Clampett (of TV fame - The Beverly Hillbillies) as I was?

Regardless, I think pups can share the name if I ever do get a Brindle Mastiff gal and I'm certain your Mastiff / Rottie gal will carry the name with dignity, appropriate beauty & many kindnesses! (I'm kind of joking, but I loved Ellie Mae Clampett - 1960's TV - and what a wonderful animal advocate she was!?!?!)

Still remembering Hoss with fondness, and best wishes for your young Ellie Mae! -Cindy-

Re: "Now that's a first!"

Oh Cindy....the stories you tell. Like PJ, I really thought the ending was going to be you ending up in the dryer. Good for you for being able to keep 1 step ahead of these crazy dogs.

I find it hilarious though that Sampy & Baxter both blamed this entire fiasco on a few pairs of jeans. Sometimes I wonder about their IQ's.