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A DIY dog bed alternative that DH & I might have invented: Easy!

After a decade plus of using old blankets, quilts & pillows for non couch or bed or futon comfort stations for our Mastiffs, we finally ran out of old blankets, quilts & pillows for Mastiff bedding! Imagine that? I actually wanted to keep a few non-torn extras for potential guests!

I toyed around with the idea of buying thrift shop baby crib sized mattresses to serve such a function but 1) I wasn't too thrilled about the bulk of such, 2) never found any bargain basement pricing & 3) didn't really want to buy extra mattress pads and sheets that could be easily cleaned. In other words . . . my baby crib mattress idea didn't pan out to be very practical.

Knowing that Sampson's much loved "Greenie" (a very old, circa 1977, green colored, sleeping bag) couldn't survive another washing machine and dryer cycle, I bugged the hubster to help me imagine another plopping spot for our six year old Mastiff as Samp wanted to hang out with us in the kitchen or on the backyard patio.

Just for the record, Samp is fine, but his six year old self is trying to more carefully position his front leg "elbows" more delicately on hard surfaces. Not to worry, he's allowed full couch & futon privileges, but we don't have couches or futons in our kitchen or back patio! What's a Mastiff parent to do?

My husband is brilliant - - - if you need a broadcast video, engineering type, extremely mechanically inclined guy - - - but I wasn't really expecting him to come up with a Mastiff bedding solution. Then he surprised the heck out of me!

"Maybe we could buy some patio furniture type cushions for Sampy!" he commented.

"OMG!" I responded. "I just saw several ads in the newspaper with summer patios accessories, including patio furniture cushions, on sale."

Even as it's only July as I type, the retail stores are currently placing their summer related items on sale. I found a local store selling off their summer related stock (including patio furniture cushions) up to 35% off.

Thus, our DIY Mastiff bedding idea was conceived!

We bought two lawn chair cushions (again, 35% off due to end of season sales) designed for chase style, patio loungers. They are each about 4 1/2 feet long and 20" wide. They are also designed with tie back lashes (so that they could be "tied to" the chase style patio lounger) on the upper 2/3rds of the cushion.

We tied 2 of them side by side, to make a 4 1/2 foot, 40 inch wide cushion. The lower end of the cushion did not have any tie back tabs (of course they wouldn't be needed if such was being used as a simple chase lounge cushion) but I'll be using a darning needle and some fishing line wire to further tie the two cushions together. (And I actually figured that out on my own without the Engineering guru's input!)

Sampson is in LOVE with the new, portable, soft spot bedding. It can be folded for easy transport from room to room - or room to patio - is easily washable with a hose and some suds in the yard, and the fabric of such is both sturdy and breathable.


(If my descriptions were not clear enough, please feel free to post any questions! I do realize I'm being overly exuberant about this newly discovered idea, so I will not be offended at all about additional questions!) I still can't believe how much Sampson loves such!

Pardon my grinning - - - but dang it feels good to come up with a Mastiff solution to any issue!

Check your summer sales flyers now (searching for summer patio furniture cushions) if you think this idea might solve an issue or two in your Mastiff household. The patio chair cushions will never be cheaper than they are in July & August!

Take care friends, and hugs for all the fur kids! -Cindy-

Re: A DIY dog bed alternative that DH & I might have invented: Easy!

I think you and Norm MIGHT deserve the "genius" award for this one, but I think I need to see a picture of Sampy on it before it is official. Oh're the lady who NEVER takes pictures for us to see aren't ya?

Re: A DIY dog bed alternative that DH & I might have invented: Easy!

Sampy’s lucky to have such a thoughtful and ingenious family. Need pics or it didn’t happen.

When I first had Bull ~15+ yrs ago I bought a baby crib mattress and fitted sheets. Those didn’t last long and got to be more of a hassle that anything else. When Libby came along, with the next crib mattress I didn’t remove the plastic the mattress came in and decided to use just an old washable sleeping bag rather than the sheets. Leaving the plastic on, allowed me to simply use a damp cloth to wipe up any spills/accidents that happened. That’s the same ‘permanent’ arrangement for Wrigley now – which he rarely uses. His preferred night time bedding is either a carpeted floor, tiled floor, queen sized bed or family room sofa.

I have used the chaise lounge cushions on several occasions for long car rides. As you say they’re easily portable. I can throw it in the very back of the Tahoe or fit it almost perfectly on a rear bench seat – protects the seat and gives a little more cush for the big guy.

Re: A DIY dog bed alternative that DH & I might have invented: Easy!

Great idea!We had a Futon mattress(full size) in our livingroom for years for the boys as they got older but of course you couldn't move it easily and was such a hassle when vacuuming or sweeping the floor.
I do have a baby bed mattress but Bubba doesn't like it so we no longer use it.
On a side note:It's so good to be online again! I first had internet issues then my computer wouldn't let me type(turned out to be "numbers lock key"(thanks to my son who figured it out).
Maybe soon I will post pics of Bubba playing with the pack and swimming in the pond =)

Re: A DIY dog bed alternative that DH & I might have invented: Easy!

Oh how I love you people! First, my bad - - - I didn't think that I was spelling "chase" lounge correctly, but I was too lazy to look it up & of course my "spell check" program didn't discriminate! Then again, maybe a "chase" versus a "chaise" lounge might be another grand invention waiting to be discovered! How cool would it be to have a "chase" lounge "chase" one around and wait for one to merely "PLOP" at will? Me thinks I want a lot of "chase" loungers in and about my property, and maybe a few in my vehicles, just 'cuz!

So it "ain't real" if it's not photographed? Oh no! That must mean I've been living in "The Matrix" (the movie) for the past decade or so! Oh no! What shall I do? What shall I do? Wait! Maybe I have the Oracle on speed dial! (I'm joking, I'm joking!)

We kept an old sofa sleeper mattress on the LR floor for the big dogs, for a couple of years, too, and the dogs loved it in the winter months. (Our futon mattress remains golden and I still use it regularly as we bought it early in the futon introductory years, and it's made so much better than those that followed as well as any and every sofa sleeper mattress I've ever been introduced to.)

The sofa sleeper mattress needed to be trashed after about two winter seasons with Mastiffs and the whole process made me feel bad for guests I once assumed appreciated the bedding before we "let it go to the dogs" . . . it was a poor substitute for a bed from the get go, but the Mastiffs might have appreciated it for many more years had I not gotten so tired of walking over it like an indoor trampoline, and yes, trying to sweep and /or clean around it and clean the mattress itself! I did wait til summertime to haul it off the to dump, so the Mastiffs were not traumatized in any way shape or form once it disappeared from the living room floor!

Isn't it amazing how much we try to make life better for all of our fur kids with things we think they will appreciate - and mostly they do - but all they really need is our love, compassion, attention, food and shelter? Oh this Mastiff Life! What a Godsend it is and has been! Ya'll take care, okay? -Cindy-

Re: A DIY dog bed alternative that DH & I might have invented: Easy!

Fantastic idea !!! Plus most you just spray down to wash !! Im keeping this in mind for my Rotties !! I will post a picture when I do this. Thank you so much for this wonderful idea Cindy !!!! Keep them coming ! ;)

Re: A DIY dog bed alternative that DH & I might have invented: Easy!

Wendy - I hope you do use this idea for your Rotties - I guarantee they will love it as much as our Mastiff, Sampson, does! (It's been a HUGE HIT in our fur / skin family home.)

You even have a better advantage than I, as you live in a warmer, more southern, climate and can probably "hose wash" such in the yard many more weeks out of the year that I can because of at least three months of freezing cold climate in the dead of a Kansas winter!

(I'll have to make sure I get it well scrubbed & hosed off in late November or so and hope it doesn't get too nasty smelling til February or March when I can once again clean it with the hose and a sprinkling of powdered Tide - laundry soap - scrubbed in with a brush on the patio! Ha, Ha!)

As a Rottie pet parent, you might not even need the full length chaise cushions, either . . . just guessing, but some back & seat only cushions (not the full length chaise lounger cushions) might do just fine for your Rotties - - - Cha-ching - - - saving you a few extra dollars for this fur kid luxury! Again . . . I can't believe how much Sampy loves his new portable drop & plop soft spot, so of course I wish the best for your current fur babes!

Thanks for your post, Wendy. Hope you and yours are all doing well, too! Still keeping good thoughts for Kosta as she meets and greets new Mastiffs, and other canine and feline, and animal friends at The Bridge! -Cindy-