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I can't remember my life before I fell in LOVE with popcorn! As a child in the 1960's & 1970's, we had late Sunday brunches after church, dinner at about 3:00 p.m., then big sauce pan & hot oil style popcorn (shake shake shake that stove top concoction 'til the lid started rising) and ice cream round about the time Walt Disney programing began on Sunday eve - - - without fail!

As a young adult on my own (after microwaves came around) I always kept microwavable popcorn handy. Today, all these years later, my pantry is never without that food staple product, microwavable popcorn packages & even the old fashioned, bagged popcorn kernels that one needs to make in a stove top pan with hot oil.

None-the-less, I don't eat it as much as I use to and until last weekend, had not indulged and or shared such for literally, months!

It was a mindless, rerun, TV sitcom from the 1990's where the main characters were eating a bowl full of popcorn that got my taste buds wondering why I had not made popcorn for so long. "That sounds good!" she thought as she searched the dark corners of her pantry and found a bag to pop in the microwave.

Meanwhile, Sampson woke up from a deep slumber and gravitated towards the microwave as the corn popped. The Hubster made the comment that "Popcorn sounds good," and then asked, "Was it Kosmo or is it Sampson that loves popcorn so much?"

"Sampson!" I suddenly remembered & replied with a grin, as I had not thought about my baby boy's fetish for ages as I watched the big fur boy inch his head as close as possible to the counter top microwave door without actually launching his front legs counter height - - - which the fur kid knew was a real no-no!

I couldn't believe I'd forgotten how much Sampy loved this easy peasy, simple treat!

Needless to say - - - Samp got over half the first bag, and some of the next bag I pulled from the pantry as DH & I only got a few small bowls apiece! Baxter the Boston could not figure out what all the fuss was about and didn't eat more than a kernel or two! But Sampson went to sleep happily and snored soundly, afterwards!

What favored dog treats have you not thought about for awhile for your fur babes? Fess up and fix it, now - - - just 'cuz it'll make you & the fur kids smile! Take care, all. -Cindy-