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Ralph - My new boy

Hi All, been a long time since I checked in.

Woody is now 3. We adopted a bulldog Georgia in April and we just adpoted Ralph. Ralph was returned to the breeder. He is a beautiful, sweet, funny, energetic, silly boy.

here is Ralphie:
 photo RALPHIE_zpsfab95b7f.png

This is Georgia:
 photo GeorgiaFern_zpsc85d07b4.png

Re: Ralph - My new boy

Aw congrats,they are both beautiful!!

Re: Ralph - My new boy

I second the congratulations.

Georgia the bulldog. Cute. SEC alum by chance ?

Ralphie looks to have already found a sweet spot and to your credit, made himself feel right home.

Re: Ralph - My new boy

Heather, thanks so much for sharing your new babies with us. Ralphie and Georgia are adorable. How does Woody like his new siblings?

Re: Ralph - My new boy

How beautiful!!!! Looks like you hit the jackpot with both of these babies. Thanks so much for sharing. They are both totally irresistible!


Woody has taken in these dogs with great joy.

I lost Georgia today, I am totally crushed. She was fine Sunday morning, her normal crazy bulldog self, then declined fast in the afternoon. Her gums were white, she was cold to the touch and lethargic. I took her to the ER Vet Sunday night where she got 2 transfusions overnight and continued to fail. She had a bleeding mass on her spleen. We tried everything. Best surgeon said she would not survive surgery, I let her go this morning, she was cuddled in my arms with sweet words of love. I was/am in total shock. This one has completely crushed me. In only 6 months she managed to completely take my whole heart. She went EVERYWHERE with me...had a huge fan base, people would always ask for her. She was recognized everywhere I am so very crushed, my lil Georgie is gone. My heart hurts so badly.

Re: georgie

So sorry to hear of Georgia's passing. Sounds like the brief time she spent with you and your family was a wonderful time for all.

Re: georgie

Oh Heather, words cannot convey how truly sorry I am. I just can't understand how these things can happen so fast and then leave us totally devastated. RIP sweet Georgia.

Re: georgie

Oh No! Heather I am so sorry =(
My heart feels your pain ;(

Re: georgie

Heather - I'm both so sad and so glad for you & Woody! I'm so incredibly sorry that Georgia's life was cut short so unexpectedly, but so happy that you adopted young lad Ralph and introduced him to your skin / fur family, so recently.

(I also apologize for being so late to respond to your post about such - - - not sure how I missed it on a timely basis, but my heart goes out to you & yours for all the challenging phases you've been through in such a short amount of time.)

Woody still looks grand. (What a hunk that boy is!!!) Georgie girl's portrait remains a sweetie pie pic that I'm sure you will treasure, and I can't wait to hear / see more about newbie family member, Ralph. Sending best wishes for all.

Hugs for your loss of Georgia . . . not much more difficult to understand than an unexpected death of a loved soul . . . but kisses and hugs to the you & yours & Woody & Ralph for carrying on, bravely!

Take care, Heather, good to hear from you. Please stay in touch! -Cindy-