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Tiz the Season!

Tiz the season for (questionably appropriate - ha ha) holiday greetings to & from friends. :)

Just in time for Christmas our first big snow of this winter season arrived on 12/21. It was hilarious to watch our 220 lb., English Mastiff fur guy methodically trudge halfway across the yard, through 6 + inches of snow (& still falling) looking for an appropriate "pee" spot on the snow saturated landscape: The big guy knows it's not "proper" to do his business too close to the back door, regardless of self comfort. (Good Boy, Sampson!)

At the same time, our foster Boston fur boy, Baxter, gave ALL little dogs a bad, bad example (even as it cracked us up) taking only two short hops out the door then peeing indiscriminately in the middle of our sidewalk path then desperately running back inside as if he was escaping a lifetime sentence to the frozen, Siberian tundra!

Gotta love all the fur kids, but "kudos" to the good manners of my big boy dog! I'm so obnoxiously proud of the beast! (Grinning, I'm grinning, as I know you are each doing the same about all of your loved furs, so that's a good thing, right?)

Happy snow days & Merriest of Christmas wishes, friends. Laugh & love as much as possible, & STAY WARM - just 'cuz, this too - tiz the season!

Hugs for all! - Cindy & the Sunflower Band -

Re: Tiz the Season!

Merry Christmas to you and your family too Cindy!

Sampy is such a good boy!

Thankfully our temperature yesterday stayed at 34 degrees so we got over an inch of rain instead of all that snow.