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Happy New Year!

Happy, happy, happy 2014 dear friends, and best wishes for the New Year for each and everyone of you & yours!

As per protocol in my southern / heartland mixed family, I brewed & stewed a delightfully aromatic batch of black-eyed-peas and pork for our skin and fur family to consume on this New Year's Day as Sampy slept on the kitchen floor next to the crock pot most of the night.

(I spent half of the night tweaking my recipe and I must say it's one of the best batches of such I've ever concocted . . . took 30 + years, but dang, this mess is tasty "TO THE MAX" and I can't wait for the football games to start so that Norm & I, and Sampson the Mastiff, and Baxter the Boston can begin consuming - and not just tasting - such!)

Take care everyone and again . . . black-eyed-peas & pork southern traditions or not . . . best hopes, dreams, prayers for all in this New Year, 2014, from Kansas Cindy & the Sunflower Band! Stay warm & stay safe & stay healthy & stay friends, & stay happy! Grand New Year's greetings & the "bestest" wishes for all!

Hugs for all the skins & furs & feathers! - Cindy -

Re: Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you and your family as well. We had a light dusting of snow last night (2-4") that the four legged ones are enjoying.

When I was growing up our traditional family meal on New Years was beef tenderloin fondue. Mom would have a pot of hot oil in the middle of the table and 4-5 of the best meat sauces that I have ever tasted. She passed away (long time ago) and nobody carried on the tradition. Too much darn work. So even if you don't get the acknowledgements for a job well done on the black-eyed peas and pork, be assured they luv the food and the atmosphere.

Re: Happy New Year!

Boy, you southerners eat some strange things.
Happy new year and hope you enjoyed your black eyed peas.

Re: Happy New Year!

Billh - your Mom's beef tenderloin fondue sounds miles beyond delicious. Maybe YOU should reboot the tradition & invite all the Mastiff Guardian folks & furs for next New Year's Day celebration. Then again . . . yes it sounds like a lot of work so I completely understand the hesitation. Just please remember Sampy & me if you choose to take on this challenge on a future New Year's Day celebration!

Jackie - your comment made me grin and think of a former, much liked co-worker with "up north" roots. Whenever we went to lunch together we mostly chose the same local dive / hole in the wall restaurant with a "mixed" menu! The food was excellent & half of the menu was southern / Cajun style eats and the other half of the menu was more influenced by northern & east coast favorites. Although I could happily indulge either fare . . . this friend never hesitated to tease me about my southern roots when I ordered the "Pan fried pork chops w/ slow cooked black eyed peas & breaded, deep fried, fresh okra w / mashed potatoes & gravy!"

To all - one (of many) great things about being an OEM pet parent is they don't give a diddly darn about traditional or regional food choices! IF IT'S FOOD, IT'S GOOD, & ALL IS WELL! Aren't we people pet parents among the lucky ones?!?!!!

Chime in other Mastiff Guardian friends . . . what traditional / regional meals do you and your fur kids enjoy sharing? -Cindy-