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Ha! Ha! I about ended up ROTF after witnessing this!

I've written (in the past 15 or so months) that we've been fostering my parents-in-law's Boston, Baxter and that it's been a long and perilous journey as Bax initially did his best to terrify our Mastiff, Sampson, as the little twerp was once upon a time spoiled rotten alpha king from his first skin family (my in-laws).

To his credit, Baxter has learned a lot of MY ALPHA HOUSE RULES and is much better behaved . . . and to Sampson, the Mastiff's, credit he has learned to stop kow-towing to the mini monster and has mastered the Mastiff correction of simply putting his face in the mini monster's face to discourage bad behavior.

It's really quite funny - Sampy has absolutely no intention of hurting the little guy, but our big boy has learned - and is finally comfortable challenging the lil' guy's misbehavior - by merely sticking his big head of a mug into the face of the little dog's mug with the unspoken reminder, "Hey! I could bite your head off if I wanted to, but I'm going to give you a break if you mind Mom, Dad & me!" Samp can help to teach the new boy! (Mama's OH SO PROUD OF HER BABY MASTIFF!)

Seriously, after many months, I completely trust the two to co-exist without constant supervision. Somehow, they've both reached a melding of mind-sets which works well for both fur boys & all is normally well at the little house of the once upon a time big prairie here in Kansas!

But every once in awhile - - - something so amusingly odd happens that the skins just can't help marveling at how "all things work out as they should."

Baxter was sitting on a kitchen chair seat. Sampson was lying on the floor just in front of the chair. Skin Dad said, "Let's go to the garage!" (Next best thing to, "Let's go for a ride!")

Bax leaped out of the chair at the exact same time Sampy rose on all fours. Bax squarely landed on the back half of Sampson's back and then moved forward on Samp's long back. (Honestly, it made me think of those old cowboy entertainments where the person mounts the horse from the rear, performing a rather "leap frog" movement to reach the saddle. Maybe ya' had to be there, but it was a hoot!)

I could see the panic in Baxter's eyes! "Oh crap! What have I done?"

I could see the correction officer attitude in Sampson's eyes! "What the heck does this idiot think he's doing?"

Samp ran in a circle, Bax fell off Sampson's back, Sampson placed his big head in Baxter's sight line and the Baxtron hesitated for a half second . . .

Then it was a race to see who could get to Dad the quickest!

No photo finish shots to share but I think it was a tie!

Take care, friends! -Cindy-

Re: Ha! Ha! I about ended up ROTF after witnessing this!

LOL,I could just picture it especially Sampy's face as Baxter landed on his back!
My Aussiedoodle puppy Shooter(19 wks old now)does this on purpose to the other furkids in my pack. He will literally dive off of the daybed onto their backs,reminds me of a mountain lion in attack mode. I have yet to catch this on video but someday I will.
I know how funny this must have been since neither of your furkids were expecting it,LOL.

Re: Ha! Ha! I about ended up ROTF after witnessing this!

LOL Cindy! I don't blame Sampy at all for running in a circle and knocking Baxter off but wouldn't it have been even funnier if he just continued walking and Baxter decided to stay up there and enjoy the free ride right out of the house