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Some things NEVER change! :)

Dear Sweet Sampson woke me up round about 4:00 - 4:30 a.m. (nothing new) early March, 31, 2014, claiming he needed to go outdoors for a potty break.

Let it be known, Samp's middle of the night potty break requests have absolutely nothing to do with his real life bladder needs (he barely dribbles between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. during potty breaks) . . . but Mastiff Mom Cindy just never forced him to give up the habit of heading out in the middle of the night after big brother Kosmo (the one & only "Kosie-Mo") died over two years ago.

Sampy was so distraught after Kos passed in late 2011 & the big, little-bro, big fur guy was so flummoxed by Kosmo's sudden passing I decided to keep the routine going as long as Sampson wanted the nightly pee outings that Kosmo needed because of Kosie's seizure meds. I really didn't want to confuse the younger fur even more by disrupting a routine Kosmo & Samp had been used to for several years. (All those years, Samp always willingly went outside with Kosie for his needed, frequent potty breaks.)

I really messed up, after that, with my own sleep schedule by allowing Samp to continue such a routine so many months after Kosmo died. But loveable Sampson never seemed to mind that fact! (Imagine that?!?!) "So what if Mom still can't land a full night's sleep," the fur lad seemed to think! LOL!

In the most recent 12 - 18 months, I've been trying to ween Samp of such demands, but still not being assertive enough on a regular basis. (Oh My!) Monday morning Samp was so vocal I (once again) caved. (Worked out well, as I actually needed to visit the indoor plumbing facilities at the same time.)

I let Samp out, actually leaving the back door ajar as the temps are beginning to return to Spring like weather temps, and went to the indoor bathroom facilities at the the same time . . . then waited at the kitchen table for over 10 minutes for his return.

As always, I've a bad habit of either getting on the computer or turning on the TV when I find myself awake in the middle of the night, & this most recent night, I got distracted by some stupid web post. Suddenly, it occurred to me Samp had been outside for an unusual amount of time & I started fretting a tad!

I hollered for the Samp Man from the back door. No answer. I donned a robe and grabbed a flashlight to check the areas of the yard not visible from the back door. I almost began to panic and awake my husband, but decided to retrace my outdoor steps, once again. No sign of Sampson. Where was he? What happened?

Then, with the common sense that is not necessarily very accessible in the middle of the night, I wondered if Samp might have come back in the house without my witness.

Sure enough! Found the big boy fur sawing logs on the living room couch!

Oh this Mastiff Life! -Cindy-

Re: Some things NEVER change! :)

Gone through pretty much the same 'losing track of' thing with Wrigley at times; especially with the warmer weather and leaving the back door ajar. It's happened enough now that I don't panic until I've first checked the family room couch and the upstairs spare bedroom.

Glad to know Wrigley isn't the only one who doesn't respond to his name when he's sound(?) asleep.