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Ha! Sometimes the good guys & gals get the breaks!

Sampson was due for his rabies booster shot & also happened to have an ear issue (no infection, just irritation) going on so DH made the appointment last week, as all needed to work around DH's schedule to take the big boy in the big Jeep that can haul Sampy's big body around more comfortably. Since the older Jeep I usually drive has been a bit persnickety lately, I was good to go with the plans!

Norm actually spent a part of the weekend building a "step up" plywood block for Sampson, as his Jeep cargo area sits a lot higher than mine. Samp is physically, still doing wonderful at almost 7 years of age, but he's not the bouncing baby mastiff boy he once was - Dad's Jeep has been a challenge for the big boy over the past year & 1/2 or so - so Dad was trying to make things easier for our Sampy Joe, Sweetie Petey, Baby Boy, fur kid!

As I know I've mentioned before, our long term vet of over 25 plus years retired a few years ago and sold his business. At first we were a little taken aback as the new owner / Vet wasn't nearly as trusting with us as our previous vet.

I honestly understand / understood that he couldn't simply trust our long term relationship with the Vet he bought the Clinic from without verification, but he initially really rubbed me the wrong way. None-the-less, we thought we'd give him the chance to learn to trust us as long as we saw signs we should trust him.

Norm took off work an hour early, took about 15 minutes to convince Sampson the new "step up" box was not an enemy to be feared, and headed to the Vet's Clinic. He arrived a few minutes before the 4:30 appointment, got Samp into the office (Samp is unreasonably worried about entering that building) and checked in with the staff.

The hubster had the RIGHT TIME - - - but the WRONG DAY! Samp's appointment was actually for Wednesday, the 14th and not Tuesday the 13th!

"Well, we're running ahead of schedule today, so come on back Mr. Sampson," the staff stated! (Yippee!)

After the rabies booster shot, some antibacterial ear wash and a pleasant meet and greet with a few other skins & furs in the waiting room . . . All was well!

Oh this Mastiff Life!

Re: Ha! Sometimes the good guys & gals get the breaks!

Isn't it funny how some things work out? So happy to hear that they were able to see Sampy yesterday, that doesn't happen too often? Also very happy to hear that his visit went well and he made a few new friends in the process. Good boy Sampson!

Now we just have to get him used to his new step up box.