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Having problems posting?

Is anyone having problems posting? Just heard from one member who cannot post so I'm trying to get to the bottom of it.


Re: Having problems posting?

No problem here. Test.

Also test a pic.

Re: Having problems posting?

Testing, testing. One, two three, testing! If this gets posted, the only thing I can imagine is my computer had a severe case of the hiccups while I was visiting our Mastiff Guardian site!

(Our computers are Macs & not the more prevalent / popular, non Mac computers, which might indicate it was my problem & not a system wide problem, but I'd never run into this issue before so I worried!) I wasn't having problems posting on other sites, but Mastiff Guardian kept telling me I was trying to post "Spam" and wouldn't allow me to post anything! Yikes!

I "restarted" the computer several times (and double & triple checked my language to make sure I wasn't being an accidental potty mouth - well darn, it happens - ha!) but never did a "hard shut down" of the computer until late in the day. Maybe that's all that was needed and I should have tried it earlier . . . if so, my apologies for the alarm.

I know the board has been extremely slow lately yet I just couldn't fathom losing contact with all of you so suddenly! Come back friends - you are missed!

Anywho . . . I was just posting a light-hearted chat response and nothing of major significance & if I can retrieve it, I'll try again later, but right now, I'm just glad to know all is well - - - assuming this post actually gets posted!

Have a safe and wonderful Memorial Day Weekend, everyone! -Cindy, Samp & the rest of the Sunflower Band-