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Sampy's Seventh Birthday is Today! Yippee!

In honor of Sampson's Seventh Birthday - YES IT'S TODAY - I'm stealing a few words from a musical artist I enjoy listening to: Sampson thanks you, Jimmy Buffett, and hoping for the same menu you request in "Cheeseburger in Paradise" here in Kansas this eve for his Birthday dinner!

"Cheeseburger in paradise
Medium Rare with mustard be nice
Heaven on Earth with an onion slice
I'm just a cheeseburger in paradise.

(Nice music rift for about four stanzas)

I like mine with lettuce and tomato
Heinz 57 & French fried potato
Big kosher pickle and a cold draft beer
Well good gol almighty, which way do I steer

For my cheeseburger in paradise!"

Any guesses on what may be the Birthday Boy's Suppertime menu? Sampy wishes you all Jimmy Buffett's "Cheeseburger in Paradise" suppertime hopes & dreams . . . and since he's still "under-aged" I'll be sippin' the "cold draft beer" on his behalf! ('cept since our plans are to enjoy such here at home, it will be bottled beer, and not draft!)

Take care everyone and best summertime wishes!

-Cindy, Samp & the rest of the Sunflower Band-

Re: Sampy's Seventh Birthday is Today! Yippee!

Happy Birthday handsome. I love cheeseburgers in paradise too. Enjoy you special day and hold out for a big DQ tonight.

Re: Sampy's Seventh Birthday is Today! Yippee!

Very Happy Birthday thoughts for Sampson and his family. So where does Sampson get his favorite cheeseburger ? Hopefully they're a little bigger than White Castle sliders. Hard too imagine just how many of those he could devour.

Does he get mushrooms and bacon on his cheeseburger ? Does he enjoy the pickle ? My guys aren't too fond of pickles.

Re: Sampy's Seventh Birthday is Today! Yippee!

Happy belated birthday to one of my favorite boys. I know Mom & Dad spoiled you rotten on your very special day. Hope you enjoyed your cheeseburger(s)and dessert. What? No dessert? I think you need to come live with Aunt Jackie. Dessert is a must around here!

Re: Sampy's Seventh Birthday is Today! Yippee!

Thanks, friends!

Jackie G, Samp loves "Cheese Burger In Paradise" too. Not only the music, but the sentiment as well!

Believe it or not, Bill, - Sampson actually loves pickles! He's the first of our Mastiff's ever to enjoy pickles but he really gobbles them down!

Jackie C, if Sampson goes missing - I'm sure he'll be headed your way for extra treats!

Sampson is such a character, as there is not much "people" food he doesn't love to devour when given the opportunity . . . but after all these years, he still goes on "dog food" mini hunger strikes at least 3 or 4 times a year, for at least 2 weeks at a time!

I can't even imagine how many "White Castle" sliders he could consume . . . as we always draw the line at about 3 or 4 at a time!

His birthday meal was part Micky D basic cheese burgers (3) and part pulled, smoked pork (a few cups or so of such!) - - - He was one happy camper by evenings end!

Unfortunately, we can't feed Sampy ice cream / frozen desserts - - - he's one of those unusual dogs that can't handle frozen stuff! (Sorry to be so graphic, but he can't even eat an ice cube without throwing up. Poor boy!)

Thanks again for the kind words & wishes, friends!

-Cindy & Sampy-