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Welcome to the Goodman and Miller Family Forum

I have set up a message forum here on our website in hopes of getting our families communicating again. You can use this forum just for chatting or passing along information or posting family photos. If you have problems posting here or need to know how to post photos etc., you can contact me through email.

I will be working on the forum off and on, tweaking it until I get it up and running smoothly. In the mean time, have fun.
Benny Goodman

Re: Welcome to the Goodman and Miller Family Forum

I am the granddaughter of Tom And Sara Goodman. My grandfather was Nace, Nate, Nathan, or George Goodman. I always heard him called Nace. Do you know the nationality of our Goodman's? How do I access the photos you have? Like you, I wish that I would have questioned certain family members before they passed. My mom, Fannie Mae was one of the youngest children and does not even recall seeing Sara. Do you have any idea when Sara passed? Would appreciate any info you have.

Re: Welcome to the Goodman and Miller Family Forum

Hi, Saundra. I am sorry that I haven’t responded to your post before now. I haven’t been on here in a while.

My grandfather (Taylor Harley Goodman) was Nace’s next to the youngest brother. I remember running across Nace’s name in a few census in the late 1800’s and I think once in early 1900’s. From the information that I saw, his name was George Nathan Goodman. The last census that I found on him was 1910, I believe. He was married at the time and lived in the same vicinity as Thomas and Sarah. I have a photo of Nace that I got from one of the distant family members. He looked like he was maybe in his 70’s.

I have not been able to come up with any information on the Goodman’s any further back than Thomas Goodman in the 1880 Census. He listed his parent s as from Tennessee. That’s where it dead ends for me. Sarah (Markum’s) family was from Arkansas. Her father was a Cherokee Indian. His name was Carter Markum.

I have a photo of Thomas and Sarah. I’m guessing they were in their late 20’s at the time. I also have a photo of Sarah when she was probably in her 70’s or maybe 80’s. I think the photo was taken somewhere in Mississippi because I found a photo of my dad when he was a baby and he was sitting in what looked like the same place. My grandparents Harley and Ruth Goodman lived in Lafayette County near Oxford Ms. On Harley’s Military Registration in 1916 he listed his mother (Sarah) as living with them at the time.

I don’t have a date of death on Thomas or Sarah. I think Thomas was buried somewhere in the vicinity of Bucksnort, Tennessee. The only information on his headstone was the name Tommie Goodman. No date of death. I am not sure where Sarah was buried nor date of death.

Here is the link to Thomas and Sarah’s family page.

I only have the one photo of Thomas and Sarah on their page at this time. I am still working on the family pages so I will try to upload the other photo of Sarah and also of Nace. You may already have the same photo of him that I do. If you will notice, he favors Sarah a lot. My Grandfather, Harley and Asbon ( the youngest) also favored Sarah. Wille Monroe favored his dad, Thomas.

I will try to update you with any other info as I work on the other pages.

Thanks for checking it out.