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City Centre
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Re: City Centre Retail

Retail news is extremely slow in Cardiff right now! Birmingham have just had a stream of new announcements

I thought Clintons would have been in St Davids 1 around Blue Inc and Krispy Kreme!

What units are vacant in St Davids 2? Who do we think could occupy these units?

The three units between Thorntons and Blue Inc are currently in solicitors hands

Re: City Centre Retail

Last time I was home I noticed that Select had taken the former Internacionale unit and left their smaller one next door, I think these may be the ones you mention.

Re: City Centre Retail

Bon Marche is taking on the old Select unit. Nothing to get excited about, but it does mean that this arcade has a bit of a niche of value fashion.

Re: City Centre Retail

Bijou Brigitte has closed down in this arcade & Shoe Zone has closed and moved a few doors down into ModelZone!

Re: City Centre Retail

So weird, this moving around business!

Re: City Centre Retail

Its not that weird - stores often move around to upsize or downsize, to free up more appropriate space for other retailers etc.

Re: City Centre Retail

In other news, A. Eagle has confirmed its first 3 locations for the UK - Westfield London and Stratford, and Bluewater. Its choice of Bluewater suggests it doesn't think it will be that reliant on the tourist market (which can often be very important in central London and even the Westfields). So Cardiff might be in line a couple of years down the line. It does seem like the kind of brand that could do well given Cardiff's demographic.

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