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Cardiff music scene (well local anyway)

with venues such as CF1 engine rooms, coal exchange, globe, point and barfly not getting as much action as they used to, you may well think that Cardiff doesn't have a vibrant music scene. its true it doesn't command national influence like other cities throughout the UK, but thats there loss...

sicknote death before employment

Henry's Funeral Shoe - Dog Scratched Ear

Dirty Revolution - Failure to Communicate

The Broken Vinyl Club - One Way Street

Cosmo - oi mush

Future of the Left 'The Hope That House Built'

the future of the left were recently at buffalo and was a very good gig.

as you can see, Cardiff has a vibrant and ecletic music scene with talent as good as anywhere

NB cheers for Archie for the headsup

Re: Cardiff music scene (well local anyway)

Iv'e always said i'd love to see The big weekend host a second smaller stage. The bands for the second stage could be local bands, solo acts, acoustic maybe a battle of the bands cardiff is the perfect city it's produced possibly as many bands as any city in the uk and this would be a great way to promote the best local acts.

Re: Cardiff music scene (well local anyway)

Personally I think the local music scene has grown substantially in the last 3-4 years, from the low point of the Point closure etc.

The Miniature Music Press is a really great monthly magazine about the Cardiff music scene. The website is a little clunky, but the magazine is very well produced.