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Summit House - Windsor Place

Summit House in windsor place is being transformed into student flats - that was posted on here recently so I thought I'd pop along for a pic. I was talking to someone recently who knew of this project, his belief was that another floor was going to be added to the existing building, also the building behind was to be demolished and 5 storeys of more student accomodation was going to be constructed in its place - not sure if this is the case but just sharing what I heard here.

I remember this as Trattoria Pulcinella, alas (apparently) now about to bite the dust...

If anyone can confirm/deny or expand on any of the above - it would be very much appreciated...

Re: Summit House - Windsor Place

I can't add any information but I'd find it extraordinary if an extra floor was being added.

Summit House has always been in the 'sore thumb' category and how a building this tall in this location ever got planning permission is hard to fathom.

Surely the council wouldn't allow in increase in height, would they? They can't have fallen for the hoary 'commercial viability' arguement, can they?

Re: Summit House - Windsor Place

As I understand it Summit House will remain the same height but there will be a 5 storey extension at the rear (where the restaurant used to be). I agree about it being in the sore thumb category - Windsor Place could have been a great street but Summit House and Windsor house opposite are vile.

On a related note planning permission was granted a few years ago for student residences on the west side of Park Lane (roughly from the Park Hotel to opposite Buffalo's beer garden). I wonder if that will ever get off the architects drawing board?

Re: Summit House - Windsor Place

Im a bit worried about Windsor Place actually, more and more legal firms are moving out and there are now quite a few empty buildings... any news on any of these? Such a nice street.