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Cardiff City FC - Keeping the faith!!

Coupla pints in Canton.. then a couple more (coz its a big game) and then I'll be there (with my little pick'n'shovel - now that might present a problem with security at the stadium!) Anyway the whole season pretty much comes down to this one game! (then the next, then hopefully the big one!?!??) I'll be honest I really haven't got a clue what to expect. I'm hoping that the stadium is buzzing a bit like when we played Leicester 2 seasons ago in the play offs or those local derby matches against 'them' and the twelth man can help us get an upper hand ready for monday. It's a nervous time of the season, but Cardiff City have exceeded expectations this season so I'm trying to relax and just enjoy it!! SOME CHANCE!!

Re: Cardiff City FC - Keeping the faith!!

I was ok until I read your post. I've not thought about the game all day. Now my arse is going like a barn door in a gale. I literally feel sick which may be the chicken and stuffing roll I had from the market earlier but is most likely that impending sense of doom that I always get when Cardiff or Wales are playing.

You'd think I'd be blase and stoical about it all given my rapidly advancing years and the nigh on twenty five seasons of almost relentless failure that I've stood and sat through. Everyone's got to learn sometime as the Korgi's once sang......

C'mon Bluebirds!!

Re: Cardiff City FC - Keeping the faith!!

The statistics are pointing to the odds being in Cardiff's favour.....


Re: Cardiff City FC - Keeping the faith!!

The statistics are pointing to the odds being in Cardiff's favour.....


Yes but weren't we statistically going up auto last year!! this is cardiff city stats/script out the window que sera sera!!! I'm off now, need some relaxant 'hic' BLUEBIRDS!!