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Olympic torch in Cardiff yesterday

Just had to comment on this (I know it's not as enthralling as the civil service debate - but in the interests of balance eh ) Anyway I wandered into town with my 8yr old daughter and we were both well impressed!! This was another great advert for our city and its ability to shine on these memorable occassions. Hopefully the photos and video of the cardiff leg of the torch relay will be seen globally - What a lovely sunny place that Cardiff is they'll be saying in Hawaii!! Didn't do the concert though (no tickets) but did hear they were charging £4 for a portion of chips!! now that's taking the p**s speaking of which god know how much it was for a pint Still I wasn't part of that but outside on the streets all was very good indeed

Re: Olympic torch in Cardiff yesterday

... I think all the tickets went to civil service staff ...

Re: Olympic torch in Cardiff yesterday

Was in town, in fact i'm in todays banner. Was an excellent event, though rather brief. What annoyed me was right outside city hall where the olympic rings are, there were some really tattyand dirty flags, one ripped to shreds and a broken flag pole, what a way to advertise our city! Still the crowds were huge and a beautiful day.

Re: Olympic torch in Cardiff yesterday

I am in your photo at the top of the page Paul, sitting down on the right with my grandchild, waving a Welsh flag. It was a good event.

Re: Olympic torch in Cardiff yesterday

Cheers Mr Appeasement - yes there was a definite feel good factor! re the pic.. It's surprising how many of our message boarders get into my photos! actually thinking about it the only one who will never turn up is me!!