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Daffodil Tower

as previously discussed here the old water tower near central train is being refurbed into a very dull brown .. work has began but it a shame they could not have continued with a welsh theme of some sorts ... i understand the need to preserve it but a brown water tower is exactly that .. a brown water tower

not very exciting brown tower

Re: Daffodil Tower

I liked the daffodil but it was in a sorry state. The GWR 'chocolate and cream' is a heritage idea I guess. It's pretty pointless unless they adopt the same approach with station signage etc.

Re: Daffodil Tower

I don't get to go into the city centre as much as I would like anymore so this is all news to me!

What a shame, the water tower will just be another bland and forgetable structure in the city now, I always liked the Daffs, somehow it was part of what made the city that little bit more fun.

Oh well, moving on.........

Re: Daffodil Tower

I'm a bit disappointed in this.

I liked it because it was a bit different. When I was a kid and used to get the train from Bridgend into Cardiff I used to love seeing this every time the train pulled into Central.

It doesn't have to have a daff on it, or anything remotely Welsh related. I would just like it to be painted with some sort of design on it that's a bit different, it's the tiny things like that which set a city apart to me. I would have run a competition within the art class of the city schools and the winner's design gets to go on there. It wouldn't have cost all that much.

A shame, and a missed opportunity.