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Cardiff Half Marathon

Doing my first half Marathon on October 14th.
There is a record number of entries over 18,000.
Should be a decent day out if I can manage to get around.
Anyone else doing it or got any tips?
Will be able to take in the sites from all angles, wonder what buildings will impress close up.

Re: Cardiff Half Marathon

I'm doing it! Route looks far better this year, although I still think it's a shame that none of it goes through Bute Park.

Re: Cardiff Half Marathon

I'm not! But there are some nice 360 pics on the map...:

Re: Cardiff Half Marathon

Notice who did the map at the bottom!!

Re: Cardiff Half Marathon

Re: Cardiff Half Marathon

Yep Im doing my very first run....ever!

Shed over five stones and began training recently! Ive never been a sporty person in my life and was used to a life of beer and kebabs! Thats all changed this year (for the better) and hope I complete it in under 2hours!

Read more at my blog post!

PS ive embedded an image of that Map you created as I couldnt actually find one online that wasn't an interactive one that showed the whole route. Took me ages to screen grab various bits and glue it all back together! Hope it's ok to feature it?


Re: Cardiff Half Marathon

hey Leekee see that you have an interest in graf and street art, will the route be passing any art? Would like to keep a look out, know there is some on Richmond Road.
Also slightly off subject but what do you think of YVTV, Talk of the Town TV and Swag Sounds TV, etc that are popping up around the Cardiff grime scene.
It seems to be involving and shows there is lots more depth than just the Asteroid Boys and Flow Dem.
This scene should be getting more airplay than just Radio Cardiff.