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Cheap Room Decorations

Hello everyone!

I am looking for cheap props to decorate my room and make it look more homely (i.e. posters, photo frames, etc.) and was wondering if there is any bargain shop nearby? I am studying at Cardiff Uni. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Re: Cheap Room Decorations

Hi tanya the is a few good second hand stores on albany road. What i did when i was young is covered a wall with flyers there free look funky and as i went to alot of the events ect it reminded me of some great times.
All the best

Re: Cheap Room Decorations

Wow, thank you so much for the tips, Jefferson!! The flyer idea sounds fantastic - I've actually got lots of neat flyers with me right now and didn't even think about putting them up on my wall! :) D'oh! I'll get to that right away and check Albany road out asap. :) Thanks again!

Re: Cheap Room Decorations

Ikea in the Bay sell cheap photo frames, and if you're after some cheap prints to fill them; I can sort you out with a few of Cardiff and surrounding areas.