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Cardiff & co

more public sector waste I'm afraid. After spending £500k on a logo in 2007, the organisation is being wound up and another set up in its place.

why the need for a new organisation? why the cost involved? Why not just change the scope of the existing company. Yet more evidence of needless waste by those who have no interest in spending our taxes wisely.

Re: Cardiff & co

It is patently clear for all to see that what we need in its place is a new go-getting publicly funded umbrella organisation with a Labour lackey at its helm.

It goes without saying that the first items on their agenda should be new premises (old ones obviously being no longer suitable) and a bright new refreshing logo which encompasses the vibrant cosmopol.............

Re: Cardiff & co

Labour admit the organisation was underfunded and didn't have the manpower to deal with inward investment. But instead of improve Cardiff & Co (a Lib Dem idea which was intially a half council / half private funded organisation) they think it's a good idea to spend more money and pull everything back into the council, something Cardiff & Co was designed to get away from!!

Re: Cardiff & co

Another example of Russell Goodway's control freakery?

Re: Cardiff & co

Mike the Caerau Kid
Another example of Russell Goodway's control freakery?

Expect a horse's head in your bed.

Re: Cardiff & co

Goodway is being pulled into an economic scrutiny committee over his decision to scrap C&C. Especially on why anyone would wind down an organisation when they had no idea on what to replace it with, and with no consultation?

Anyway I'm off to bulldooze County Hall ahead of the possible land grab.

It is the Good-way!

Re: Cardiff & co

Is there time to 'un-scrap' it? Or is this now done...