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Journalism in Wales

Did anyone see the new tv news programme about wales that started last night? Any good? What kind of level does it pitch itself at?

Re: Journalism in Wales

Yep I saw it.

Huw Edwards definately adds gravitas to it. I do feel it's on a bit late (10.25 on a sunday) and directly clashes with Match of the Day 2, which is a popular programme, so it might lose popularity because of that?

It was okay be honest, I probably expected something a bit livelier, but then thats the sunday night problem..who wants to get into a raging debate on a sunday night!?

Re: Journalism in Wales

I agree the timing seems a little odd. Is it a live broadcast? Maybe Huw's schedule is part of it, and a desire not to clash with Newsnight on other days. I guess maybe a week day is seen as odd for a once a week news programme, where as sunday (like sunday papers) is a more natural time to reflect upon what's happened in the week until now.

If I get chance I'll watch it on iplayer.