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Mount Stuart Square

I noticed that extensive work is being carried out on 'Empire House' aka The Evans Reid Coal Company building in Mount Stuart Square.

The back of it has been totally removed and is currently temporarily (hopefully!) exposed to the elements. The interior appears to have been gutted although without a pair of binoculars it's impossible to see whether there are fixed features such as parquet flooring.

Does anyone know what is taking place at this site? I can't remember anyone mentioning anything on this forum.

Re: Mount Stuart Square

The whole area there is to be demolished to make way for a purpose-built Heliport. This is to be used to provide speedier transit, in conjunction with Cardiff Bay Rail Station, to Cardiff Airport before a decision is made to close same. Hope this helps.

Re: Mount Stuart Square

Alles klar! The masterplan is starting to make sense now.

All we will then need are the ultra pods to transport the heliport arrivals from Mount Stuart Square to Cardiff Bay rail station (then onto Central station via Queen St, prior to the shuttle bus connection to Rhoose) and the integrated transport dream solution will be within our grasp.

Re: Mount Stuart Square

It's being converted to flats. Not a bad thing in my opinion, but I'd like Mount Stuart Square to remain mixed use, but I suppose in reality businesses there are going to be interested in smaller units, rather than large buildings like that.

For what it's worth, I think Mount Stuart Square is the shame of Cardiff and especially the shame of Cardiff Council. How it's been allowed to deteriorate as it is is a total scandal, and the whole series of decisions that led to the closure of the Point, and in turn the Bute Dock, the City Canteen and that other little bar opposite the coal exchange..well, it does really frustrate me.

Re: Mount Stuart Square

It's interesting to note how (without the involvement of incentives from public bodies) a promising area can so spectacularly fail to meet its potential.

Re: Mount Stuart Square

It is sad. Even the conversion of Saint Steven's (aka The Point) into a Mosque appears to have stalled. At least most of the retail busineses on West Bute Street appear to be holding on.

Re: Mount Stuart Square

Now that's a shame the Mosques not getting built.

Re: Mount Stuart Square

It's not a mosque, it's a community centre for the islamic community. And it's up and running.

Re: Mount Stuart Square

It's not a mosque, it's a community centre for the islamic community. And it's up and running.

Is it? There's nothing to show that it is from outside the building but I'll take your word for it!

I think I'm right in saying that the distinction between a community or cultural centre and a Mosque are fairly blurred in Islam. The Glynrhondda street building (often referred to as the UK's oldest Mosque having first opened in 1860) calls itself a 'cultural centre' but is used for Friday Prayers.

Am I right in thinking that the Mount Stuart Square project is the first Shi'a centre in Wales?

Re: Mount Stuart Square

I don't think there's much activity there. When it was purchased over a year ago I saw a handful of people outside changing the locks etc. Ever since then, the doors have been locked whenever I have cycled past, so I have anecdotally presumed that it effectively wasn't being used. Of course the alternative reason might be that you need a key to get in or knock on the door !