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2013 - will it be a good one?

Ok a bit of time to wonder what 2013 will and won't offer on the development front..

Admiral will be constructed but probably be 'under wraps' while the building is finished internally etc. That media building down the bay I guess will be at a similar stage of completion I'd have thought. Capital qtr no. 1 will be another 4% finished!! - actually let's hope things will accelerate at cap qtr - maybe work on the new bridge? That student castle by the prison will be completed. As for the Sports Village - I imagine that town houses will be underway, which will hopefully cause momentum for everything else down there!!! oh and finally on another sporting front!! I genuinely believe that Cardiff City will finally get promotion, which may mean that hotel next to the Sand Martin getting started?

To me at the moment and as a cardiff development follower I shan't be sure what else maybe underway, in locations such as Porth Teigr, the Sports Village, Callaghan Sq., Central Square, there could be some really exciting things going on in 2013 and then we may just get the above paragraph however Wales's two tallest building could be under construction!! - but my next stop won't be the bookies!!

One things for sure this forum will be here for us all to share our highs and lows!! - let's hope it's a busy place, with plenty of construction to ponder

Re: 2013 - will it be a good one?

Whatever happens on the development front in Cardiff, I'd like to say thanks to Paul for continuing to host this forum.

And a Happy New Year to all the posters thereon.

Re: 2013 - will it be a good one?

Here, here.

Re: 2013 - will it be a good one?

I'd like to thank wizard for thanking Paul for hosting this forum

Re: 2013 - will it be a good one?

Here, here.

Or, "Hear, Hear" as the case may be......?

Re: 2013 - will it be a good one?

I'd like to thank the person who thanked the person who thanked the person who runs this makongkey and add a thanks for doing the schizzle. Ymlaen Cymru a Ymlaen Caerdydd.

Re: 2013 - will it be a good one?

Here here!!
I guess I loose at spelling, their are better things in life to be good at

Cardiff now at 53 points, not bad considering they finished with 75 points last season.

1 ,2, 3, 4, and where is that other potential chicken I have to count?

I see its not just me putting the kibosh on things:

bbc news web site.

Cardiff have suffered repeat heartache in the play-offs but the long-suffering Bluebirds fans can go into 2013 with quiet confidence.

Re: 2013 - will it be a good one?

Place your bets, which stores will be closed by this time next year???

I've just heard that Staples in the Bay has a closing down sale.