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New £40m Cardiff and Vale College

I stumbled across this article yesterday on newspaper, so thought I would take picture and upload it as I couldn't find any info on the internet.

Apparently there is to be a new £40m college to be built next to central station? Has anyone heard about this before? Care to shed some light on this?

Sorry about the image qualities.

Re: New £40m Cardiff and Vale College

Is there even any vacant space near the Central Train Station? The new college would probably be massive, and could interrupt the trains. An interesting development.

Re: New £40m Cardiff and Vale College

A bit more info here:

Re: New £40m Cardiff and Vale College

Somewhere around Central would be ideal - maybe just next to Fusion Point toward the Bay? If not there, maybe JR Smart can get in there and offer to build on the Capital Quarter, would be an ideal driver for cafes, bars etc and just across the road from the Atrium so a new academic quarter could develop.

Re: New £40m Cardiff and Vale College

There has been some chat about this before, but there is still a lot of uncertainty. The last time we chatted about it on here we thought the most likely sites were Adam Street / Tyndal Street because of the relationship with The University of South Wales, or what ever uni Glamorgan is called now, indeed I think there had been some chat about them using the old Peacocks building for something to do with this (?). Either this or Dumballs Road, where they already have some buildings.

Re: New £40m Cardiff and Vale College

the old peacocks building has just been taken over by Capital Law

Re: New £40m Cardiff and Vale College

I read on this website that Dumbells Road facilities are only temp, so be interesting to see what future plans they have...

For those of you who didn't know;
In August 2011 Barry College and Coleg Glan Hafren merge to create Cardiff and Vale College.

Yes I also feel the new college should be close to Atrium as it will increase activity in that area, hopefully other development's can speed up there aswell.

Re: New £40m Cardiff and Vale College

An interesting development. Cardiff is slowly becoming known as a university city, like Oxford or Cambridge. Hopefully all of these new facilities will bring some of the best and brightest students from across the globe to our city.

Why yes, I am being optimistic today.

Re: New £40m Cardiff and Vale College

To state the obvious: the site is 'near' and not 'next to' Central Station - and is part of the Dumballs Rd Construction Training Centre site

according to their website: “Dumballs Road 2 will be a temporary facility until we expand the existing CCTC." - again on the same site