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What Are YOUR Favourite Spots In Cardiff?

What are some of your favourite places in Cardiff? Do you have any favourite shops or restaurants? What's your favourite place to be in the city(excluding your own home, of course)? Do you have any really fond memories of the city?

I ask this as both a Cardiffian and a foreigner.

Re: What Are YOUR Favourite Spots In Cardiff?

wenallt reservoir and ninian park - the result of a mis-spent youth
the cardiff bay barrage walk, bute park, landaff cathedral as deserve a mention
i love a pint in the canton cross pub and I was very fond of le gallois when it was open

Re: What Are YOUR Favourite Spots In Cardiff?

Bute Park on a late autumn morning, walking toward town. Roath Park lake, Cardiff Arms Park, Waterloo Teahouse, the gallery in the National museum, the top of the castle keep, the City Arms, Wellfield Rd on a Saturday morning, the Norwegian church, Penylan hill.