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4/5 Dock Chambers...

... interesting proposal to add an additional floor of office accomodation. Its not much, only circa 2000 square feet, but given the amount of under-utilised space in the vicinity, it is unusual, if small, vote of confidence in commercial property in the "Old Butetown" area.

Re: 4/5 Dock Chambers...

I can't work out exactly where this is. According to Google maps it's Pascoe House which is the nice looking building on the end of Bute St across the road from RBS - how the hell can they add another floor to that without it looking awful?

Re: 4/5 Dock Chambers...

It's the one further down - the red brick - I think it has a Nursery in it, next to the open car park. It is attractive but I don't think this will effect it too much as its a mansard roof which slopes away from the parapets.

Hopefully like it will bring some more footfall. Maybe next merchant place? will kick start, although I think that's wishful thinking.