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Central Workshops / Tram-sheds put on market

"For sale" signs have appeared on the old Tram-sheds in Clare Rd.? Pendyris Street, Riverside - or is it Grangetown?

I'm not sure if they're listed but they're fantastic heritage buildings. I really hope they don't fall prey to the wreckers ball.

Re: Central Workshops / Tram-sheds put on market

When Cardiff bid for the City of Culture thing there was a plan to turn these buildings into a modern art gallery/artists studios. Such a shame that didn't come to fruition.

Cardiff doesn't have many Victorian industrial buildings apart from some of the warehouses that have been preserved in the Bay/Atlantic Wharf. It would such a shame if these were knocked down. I don't know how feasible it would be to turn these into residential or office space or maybe an outpost for Cardiff Met/Cardiff Uni? I hope whoever buys them has some imagination (and deep pockets).

Re: Central Workshops / Tram-sheds put on market

Would be a real shame if these are lost.
It wouldnt be the first time something like this got pulled down in cardiff though.

Re: Central Workshops / Tram-sheds put on market

This kind of site is (sadly) prime area for flats or student accomodation.
Although we might think they are quite architenturally signifigant, a developer would probably disagree! So expect to see some bog standard student digs or budget flats here in the next 5 years!
Sad really

Re: Central Workshops / Tram-sheds put on market

As cardiff seems to have fewer architecturally significant buildings than most other large UK cities, can we afford to be as cavalier with those we do have.

Re: Central Workshops / Tram-sheds put on market

I don't remember the exact details but I believe there were some quite serious problems with the structures = i.e. not cost effective to make good

Re: Central Workshops / Tram-sheds put on market

They're listed

Central Workshops of City of Cardiff Operational Services.

Street Name and Number: Pendyris Street,
Listed Building Reference: 19090
Grade: II
Date Listed: 18/11/1997
Date Amended: 18/11/1997
Co-ordinates: 317727,175812
Community: Grangetown
Council: Cardiff
National Park: No

On N side of road, backing on to railway.

Built circa 1902 as Clare Road Depot for Cardiff Tram Service. Contractors Messrs D W Davies. In 1923 some alterations to allow trams to enter from S instead of N. Extensions and alterations by S C Taverner of Newport in 1925. Converted to trolleybus depot 1942, closed to trams 25 August 1946. The depot served routes serving W of City; E routes had been served by larger (demolished) Roath depot

Steel truss roof structure.

Long multi-gabled building in red brick; slate roofs with glass lights, stone copings and kneelers. Eleven gables with louvred oculi. Two bays to each gable generally have 2 arched recesses with lunettes. Second and fifth gables have tall doors; large door between gables 9 and 10. To L, early C20 block links with two-storey 4 window block in red brick. Short screen wall to road.

Reason for Listing
Listed as rare surviving large building from a major tramway system, illustrating the transport history of Wales' largest city.

D Gould, Cardiff's Electric Tramways, Oxford, 2nd Ed 1996, pp 81-84.

Re: Central Workshops / Tram-sheds put on market

There is a fair amount of space behind the workshops as well. If they were to be converted to apartments, for example, a considerable amount could be built. I'm not sure this is the most attractive area for high end apartments although there has been a fair bit of development in that area recently, it's close to shops, the north Grangetown regeneration is still ongoing and of course it's just minutes away from the city centre.

As an office building it would have ample parking and I'm sure imaginative use of mezzanine floors would maximise space. The Maltings in Splott has been well utilised even though I'm sure it may have had it's challenges when it was converted and it's not in natural office territory.

Re: Central Workshops / Tram-sheds put on market

I guess one problem for many uses is the lack of windows. Indoor football pitches? Dance studios? Workshops? Theater space (practice or performance)? Question is, who is going to fund it?

Re: Central Workshops / Tram-sheds put on market

A new indoor grangetown market might be nice. Not thinking along the styles we already have in the city, but more along the lines of something like Holesovice in Prague.

Re: Central Workshops / Tram-sheds put on market

There's already a block of flats next door to this. I'd estimate a similar building would create about 100-150 1 or 2 bedroom flats.

I confess I don't know the building well, but hardly looks a grade A lister from the photo.

Re: Central Workshops / Tram-sheds put on market

It will be interesting to see what happens here. It's an early test of the new Labour administration's attitude towards heritage. Give the record of Cllr. Goodway's previous junta I'm not optimistic.

I think given deep pockets a sensitive housing or office redevelopment could save at least the external frontage of the building. As others have pointed out though it's not the sort of area that would propmpt that sort of approach from a commercial developer.

What's a bit depressing is that the Council seems to have goine straight to market without any sort of public consultation or as far as I can tell any discussion within the full council or any of its comittees. It could be that they're just testing the market but I fear its an attempt to make a fast buck before opponents can get their act together.

Re: Central Workshops / Tram-sheds put on market

There is a piece on Walesonline relating to this -

It makes reference to the Council working with interested parties in coming up with 'an impressive and worthwhile property solution.'

I read that as meaning (maybe optimistically) that the Council will want to know what the plans are before selling it.

Re: Central Workshops / Tram-sheds put on market

It looks like the council has already vacated the building.

Re: Central Workshops / Tram-sheds put on market

Yes, they've moved to a new purpose-built workshop on Brindley Road.

Fantastic to see the empty building being made available for use incidentally. Would make a great gallery / exhibition space long term.

Re: Central Workshops / Tram-sheds put on market

Interesting Grangetown Labourite Ashley grovier has tweeted the following.

"Tender details for tram sheds in Grangetown will prioritise a community facility similar to what Chapter in Canton provides"

I'd noticed the "For Sale" boards had gone afew weeks back. Presumably the change at the top of the council has led to a re-think on the building' future use.

Re: Central Workshops / Tram-sheds put on market

Interesting. I wonder if as part of it it could include the flexibility to be the medium sized live music venue the city has been missing, 400-800 capacity, in a multi-use community space. Of course, it is residential around there so noise might be an issue. Obviously its a great old building, so done well, could be a real asset.