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Bessemer Road Market

Has anyone see the article on the BBC dated 19/03/13 about plans to redevelop the frui and veg market?

I guess you all have and I'm just way behind the curve.

Re: Bessemer Road Market

It was referred to in the Cardiff LDP thread.

There was a rumour that Cardiff Bus were going to move their depot and their Sloper Rd site was to be sold for housing as well. Not sure if this will actually go ahead but if it did and with the housing development on the old Ninian Park site this area would see quite a significant rise in population.

As a brownfield site for residential I think it could sustain quite a bit more development as well. There are quite a few derelict sites around there and on Sloper Rd there are a number of businesses that might be better suited elsewhere. The area is close to shops, services, schools, Jubilee Park and Sevenoaks are nearby open spaces, well served by bus and rail etc etc

Re: Bessemer Road Market

Agreed, I used to work out of a clinic in Canton, covering most of south/central Cardiff and lots of my patients lived in the area. It would be good to see a development in the area, hopefully it will go ahead. I'm sure there was talk of Cardiff Bus moving to a site down the bay when I was working in Canton, although we used to here lots of talk about many developments that never got anywhere, in particular the ely papermill site.

Re: Bessemer Road Market

I'm sure there was talk of Cardiff Bus moving to a site down the bay when I was working in Canton

There was. IIRC the owners of the former Ocean Technical Glass site offered it as a land-swop for the Sloper Road site. I think the problem was that the logistics for Cardiff Bus would only work with the completion of the PDR.