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Time to give up on Rhoose

It looks to me like WAG have got to make a decision. Give up on a 'Cardiff' Airport OR if they really believe in it then build a new one. It would have to be in the Vale of Glamorgan I suspect. Just south of the M4 and west of the A4232. Would be easily accessible for far more people in the region. Sounds daft? Perhaps it is. But there is no point trying to push water uphill and Rhoose can never be made to work.

Build a new airport or just give up.

Re: Time to give up on Rhoose

I don't think that the WAG will be giving up on CWL just after forking out
£52m to buy it!

Re: Time to give up on Rhoose

I think they're making a mistake.

Re: Time to give up on Rhoose

It was doing OK before, and its most recent owners had no interest in developing the place.
Given that it has only been a few days since it has changed ownership wouldn't it be worth waiting if its fortunes can be turned around before writing them off.