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Customer services in Cardiff.

An American friend of mine recently said that of all the British cities and towns, Cardiff is the best when it comes to customer services. She told me that people in shops and restaurants here are generally friendlier, and I wanted to see if anyone on here thought that was true.

So, I've come here to ask the people of this forum if they have had any particularly good or bad experiences with the staff in shops and such. Have any been incredibly rude? Or incredibly good?

Please tell.

Re: Customer services in Cardiff.

An American friend of mine recently said that of all the British cities and towns, Cardiff is the best.......

What was his 'sample size'? I can't believe he has visited 'all' British cities and towns. I cannot see Cardiff is any different from elsewhere - just one person's view.

Personally speaking, I've had good and bad experiences in Cardiff as I have elsewhere.

Re: Customer services in Cardiff.

I had a former colleague who had grown up in the London area said it really took him back when he first moved to the area that people working in shops would actually chat to him while he was at the checkout, and that people on the valley lines trains would randomly talk to him.
It's certainly noticable the further from London you get the people seem more friendly.

I don;t think that this is the same as good service though in my eyes. It is nice to have a checkout chick who takes an interest in their customers, but I don;t see anything in our reams of generic chain restaurants and shops that is any better than the rest of the uk.