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Cricket - Champions Trophy in Cardiff

So starting next week Sophia Gardens, along with Edgbaston (Birmingham) and The Oval (south London), hosts the ICC Champions Trophy. The eight leading* cricketing countries in a one-day (50 overs per side, for the uninitiated) tournament.

Cardiff has five matches, including the first game (India vs South Africa), England vs New Zealand and a semi-final.

It sounds like ticket sales haven't been great (I'm pretty certain there's no sell-outs yet), but how much coverage has this had locally? I've heard adverts on the radio and seen a few flyers / posters, but I doubt the majority of people realise it is going on. Hopefully the crowds will be good, the weather fine and the cricket exciting - and maybe Cardiff will get some further good international coverage.

Has anyone seen much publicity for this? Anyone going? It will be interesting to see if there's any promotion for the city during the television coverage - often during international cricket coverage there is footage shown of things to see/do locally or outside broadcasts from elsewhere in the city.

*and Australia

Re: Cricket - Champions Trophy in Cardiff

We are also due to get cricket world cup games in 2019.

Re: Cricket - Champions Trophy in Cardiff

this thread is the first i have heard of this. so any promo spend has not made a dent on me.