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Viridor Incinerator

I noticed yesterday that this construction project (next to the Celsa / former ASW works) really is rising up.

It is in rather a tricky location to take a photograph, else I would post one up.

Re: Viridor Incinerator

Is that the one in the bay on the way to the heli port? If so a fire in the dock has made it seem as if its started early. Its also a very sizable building! Ill post a pic of a can be bothered :)

Re: Viridor Incinerator

It looks like a really interesting build and the renders look quite good for a power station. We need more industrial buildings bringing the right kind of jobs to Cardiff and if they can be in interesting buildings all the better. Just hope it doesn't smell too bad down the bay!

Re: Viridor Incinerator

Don't get your hopes up jobs wise. The Veolia Waste-to-Energy incinerator in Sheffield is an enormous building, but due to the high level of mechanisation only employs about 50 full time staff.