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We are premier league! interactive map

Far be it for me to plug my own websites!! but I will draw any football fans that maybe viewing this to my interactive premier league map. Inspired of course by our promotion to the top flight, at last!! even if in an alien colour! (personally I am a VERY reluctant red - but I won't wind myself up about that one now) Anyway on realising that the domain name was available I had to snap it up and do something with it. My idea is that from one page one heck of a lot of premier league info can be observed - no matter which team you support!!! (surely the Bluebirds?) Anyway I hope some of you find it useful and if you do please tell a friend (if you don't then just keep it under your hat!!) ok here it is..... drum roll..........

Re: We are premier league! interactive map

I am not a Cardiff supporter but that is one very good website, Paul. Well done!

Re: We are premier league! interactive map

Cheers Whatif - much appreciated!

Re: We are premier league! interactive map

It's a nice website!

And good to see Cardiff is blue!