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Re: Cardiff Pointe

I'm not sure if it's already been mentioned, but I noticed that this development has it's own Twitter account, which is @CardiffPointe

Might be handy to keep an eye on it as they seem to add the odd photo of progress

Re: Cardiff Pointe

I see that they appear to be updating their video from the air too

Re: Cardiff Pointe

Here's some vids of Cardiff Pointe construction progress.

Re: Cardiff Pointe

My question is - when will this development grind to a halt? Either their website is not up to date.. or they have failed to sell a single house! So far 3 are listed as reserved, which is a number that hasn't changed for perhaps 3 months!

I still think the prices are ridiculous. I don't get what they're playing at.

Re: Cardiff Pointe


I'm pretty sure the entire development is over 8 years, although this does include the retail element

edit: having watched the December clip, you can see the footprint of the waterside houses - they do appear to have a large footprint which might justify a premium price. I'd say the sq footage must be 2,000+ at least on each property.

it does look like its coming together, the street pattern is clear to see

Re: Cardiff Pointe

But at a pace of 3 properties in almost half a year.. it will over 100 years to sell the 800 properties...not 8 years!

I'm not sure of the total size in square feet but the size of the rooms isn't particularly large. Master bedroom of 13 by 10. Its a decent size but not what I'd want on a 3/4 million house in Cardiff.

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