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Toilets in Cardiff

Are there enough. Are those we have clean enough. How do we compare with other cities regarding the provision of WC's. Discuss

Re: Toilets in Cardiff

I think if you have a strong bladder the answer is yes.

Re: Toilets in Cardiff

if you have no problem walking into a large store or fast food place then you wont have a problem, if it later at night then you may have difficulty (as alot obviously do!)

Re: Toilets in Cardiff

According to WalesOnline, there's an ex-public bog for sale in Fairwater for £58,000! The private sector should invest in this and upgrade it to the Cardiff Capital International Luxury Toilet Experience.

My vision would include urinals made of solid platinum, cisterns full of exotic fish suitable for sashimi dining (with a 3-Michelin-star sushi chef on hand to prepare delicious Japanese food while you are pissing).

The women's bit would include the world's biggest mirror and branches of Clarins and Lush.

Just so the gays don't feel left out I would have a sumptuous cottaging annex with free phone recharging and wifi, with calves leather sofas surrounding a cocktail bar.

This would confirm Cardiff's status as the world's greatest Capital city.

Re: Toilets in Cardiff

Are you taking the p*ss?