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Citypedia Cardiff

Hi guys, some of you may remember several years ago I was running a site called Cardiffpedia, like Wikipedia but about Cardiff.

For various reasons it never really took off and I ditched it a couple of years back. Basically life got in the way.

I still think the idea has a lot of merit so have re-launched it, but this time it's called Citypedia. The new name gives it potential to eventually cover other cities but I'm starting with Cardiff.

At the moment it's not open for registration/editing while I focus on getting a basic amount of stuff on there, but I hope that some of you will be up for contributing to it when it is.

Let me know what you think, Ta.

Re: Citypedia Cardiff

I like the fact the first thing you'll be covering are the pubs!

joking aside, good luck with your project, it looks good and I've bookmarked it

Re: Citypedia Cardiff

If you need any pics let me know, i have plenty of the Diff on my flickr account!

Re: Citypedia Cardiff


joking aside, good luck with your project, it looks good and I've bookmarked it


Re: Citypedia Cardiff

Thanks for your comments guys. I've spent some time the last couple of days making sure everything on there so far is categorised and making the top menu more useful among other tweaks. See what you think:
Citypedia Cardiff

Also you may want to follow on Twitter: @CitypediaCF

Re: Citypedia Cardiff

Update: User registration is now open so it's possible to create an account and add/edit pages.
The focus of the site is to provide current, practically useful information, so please bare that in mind if you're creating content.
Get stuck in here: Citypedia Cardiff

Re: Citypedia Cardiff

Good luck with this project.