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The Coal Exchange

Two articles about this today. The one that says most about the plans is:

Looks like the council would get about 50k square feet of the 140sq feet building. Ideas for use include a cafe, shop, business incubation centre, YHA hostel and a public function area.

Macob, the developers, would remain owners of the other 90k square feet and plan most of the space to be apartments, but with a restaurant on the top floor with views over the bay and city.

I can't help but feel that Macob are taking advantage of the council. They have managed to offload a lot of risk on to the council and have retained most of the upside themselves.

Re: The Coal Exchange

Another non story really isn't it. Other ideas under consideration include a bakery, an incubator pod for aliens,a tanning salon and an online library.

There are hardly any tenants left there at the moment. Ironically quite a few 'creative industries' tenants which were there a few years back have since moved out to other premises.