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Bristol Evening Post
Re: Bristol Evening Post

I bet the person who wrote the review didnt even visit the city.

Re: Bristol Evening Post

Any positive press is a good thing. The forum posts underneath it are the interesting thing for me, one because of the whinging about promoting a nearby city but more importantly the impression of how easy it is to get in and out of the city on event days (match days primarily).

That's the negatives of having the MS in the city centre I guess.

Re: Bristol Evening Post

Its a positive piece about a neighbouring city.
The Big Picture really is that the cities in the south west of this Island should be good for each other.
Cardiff being a city worth visiting is an asset to Bristol Airport and for Tourism in Bristol..
Likewise Bristol Bath Cheltenham Swansea are an intersesting day trip for those that fly to Cardiff Airport or that base their stay in the city.
The comments underneath are seemingly parochial and are the equivalent of Taffies saying Brizzle is a City built on Slavery and Tobacco - the carrot crunching accent should be restricted to Worzel...

Re: Bristol Evening Post

Nothing parochial about those comments, they say the city is lovely, but getting a train or a bus on match day can be a nightmare.
Its pretty difficult to argue with that to be honest.

Re: Bristol Evening Post

The comments about the match day traffic are okay and accurate, but I don't think that's what Slim was referring to. There are a couple of whinges that could be seen as being parochial

"And why has Cardiff got all these fantastic facilities? because the Welsh development council/Assembly/Govt have pumped millions into the City making it anti-competitive and taking things such as BBC drama away from Bristol. Remember Casualty? Remember where it started and was successful? Bristol."

"Bristol businesses are struggling and now are flagship paper is trying to get people to spend their hard earned cash across the border in Cardiff.....strange...."

Don't get me wrong, you'd get the same and more in the Echo.

I love the whinge about state money being spent to improve Cardiff, as if Bristol doesn't benefit directly and indirectly from state money. It's the same with many of the UK's major cities.