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Research into Cardiff Bay: Call for Participants

Hi all,

I'm currently studying for an MA in Town and Regional Planning at Sheffield University and am conducting a case study into the redevelopment of Cardiff Bay for my dissertation. At the moment I'm doing a literature review and I have far more ideas than I can possibly cover in 15,000 words! However, the general theme is to examine the lived experience of residents in redeveloped parts of the Bay and asses the extent to which the area can be called sustainable. By this, I don't just mean environmentally, but in terms of local services, open space, connectivity to other parts of the city and the Bay itself. Essentially, do people choose to live there, or are they there out of circumstance? Is it 'liveable' on a day to day basis? To what extent is there a sense of community? Do people consider it as a place to settle down, and could they do so if they wanted to? All of this is born out of my own mixed feelings towards the Bay as a 'neighbourhood', and of course the regular diatribes seen in the press about yuppies, soulless enclaves etc etc., most of which tends to go unattributed and without evidence. I hope to provide just a small insight into what the reality is actually like, and what can be learned for future phases and similar schemes elsewhere.

To do this, I'll be preparing a short survey which I'm intending to publicise online and also through targeted leafletting. However, I'm also hoping to conduct semi-structured interviews with some residents from various blocks to get a more in depth view. All data will be strictly anonymous, precise information about how the data will be used will be provided before you even see the survey, and I'll need to get ethics approval from the University before I can do anything.

Despite all this being two or three months away, I thought I'd make a start by appealing for help from those forumers that I know to live in the Bay from their postings. I'm going on the assumption that as you are already regularly posting on this forum you have an active interest in the Bay and might be more amenable than most to taking part in something like this. At the moment, all I'm really looking for is expressions of interest to take part in the research. The research itself is likely to involve filling in a short survey, and meeting me for a 20 minute or so chat over a coffee (I'll be paying). If you are interested, please feel free to drop me an email at so that I can contact you when the time comes to actually carry out the field research. If you're not interested, thanks all the same for reading, and please pass this on to anyone you know who lives in the Bay and might be interested in taking part.



Re: Research into Cardiff Bay: Call for Participants

Ha Spencer. As in Spencer Powell. Good to hear from you! Hope things are going well up north. I don't live in the bay but others here certainly do and hope they help you out. Good to see you've kept your interest in urban planning and development!

Re: Research into Cardiff Bay: Call for Participants

welcome back!

sut mae, popeth yn iawn?

I live in Penarth Marina so it is Cardiff Bay of a fashion and would be happy to contribute if you feel my contribution would add to your research

Re: Research into Cardiff Bay: Call for Participants

I live in the Bay, chose to do so, love it and have previous experience of other Docklands developments - it seems to be coming along quite nicely in terms of the (always slow) development of infrastructure. But I'll contact you direct.

Re: Research into Cardiff Bay: Call for Participants

Dai: Indeed, t'is I! After a 4 year detour into IR I went back to what I probably always should have done! Things are going well ta. 5 months left of being up north and then I'll be heading for sunnier climbs (aka anywhere south of Derby, most likely London way).

Jantra: I confess I had to Google that. Whatever happened to good old 'shwmae'? Yep, it'd be great to have you on board. The Marina was under the original remit of CBDC and is a 'new' area so it comes under the scope of my research. Could you possibly drop me an email just so that I can save your address?

Lucky: Thanks for the email, I replied yesterday evening

Re: Research into Cardiff Bay: Call for Participants

spencer, lived there for 7 years.
happy to help if still needed

Re: Research into Cardiff Bay: Call for Participants

Hi Eric! Sorry for the late reply; I'm away for the week without full web access. It's great to have you on board. Would you mind dropping me an email at so that I can be sure of getting hold of you in June/July? Thanks

Re: Research into Cardiff Bay: Call for Participants

Hi all! I'll be in Cardiff from the 6th - 30th July to carry out my research into Cardiff Bay. I've attached an information sheet to provide a few more details for those that are interested. Many thanks to those that have already contacted me. There's still a fair few Bay-dwellers here that haven't got in touch yet, so if you think you might be interested in taking part it would be great to hear from you. Equally, if anyone knows of someone in the Bay, please do send them my way or show them the link to the sheet. Thanks.

Information Sheet: