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Jenn-Air Downdraft Cooktop Review

You’ve just finished a deliciously flavorful meal. You relax for a moment at the table sipping a glass of wine with your significant other for a rare, quiet moment.

Downdraft ventilation systems are perfect for homes with no room for ventilation hoods or for people who simply prefer the convenience and efficiency of having the vent built into your cooktop.

Then you set to work cleaning the kitchen – rinsing out pots and pans, loading the dishwasher, and wiping down the counter and cooktop. Soon the kitchen is sparkling clean, but the scents of garlic and onion still linger in the air. With a full stomach, these scents have transformed from pleasing and appetizing to slightly repulsive.

Of course, you can attempt to cover the smell with air fresheners, but Jenn-Air has a better solution.

Jenn-Air downdraft cooktops feature built-in ventilation systems that catch smoke, steam, and strong odors as they are first released and prevent them from dispersing throughout your home. Available in both gas and electric, the downdraft cooktops come with a two-speed ventilation system placed between the burners to catch odors and stop them at their source.

Cooking fumes are drawn down into the ventilation system the moment they leave the cooking vessel.

Not only is the Jenn-Air ventilation system convenient and effective, but also it performs its task without a lot of noise – a characteristic of high value in a busy household. You won’t get a headache from standing next to it while you cook, and you won’t have to yell over it when your children wander in the kitchen asking what’s for dinner. Jenn-Air’s downdraft ventilation fan is one of the quietest in the industry.

Additionally, the subtle appearance and convenient location of the ventilation system mean you won’t have any major installation work hanging over your head – literally.

A Jenn-Air 30 inch downdraft cooktop is available with four sealed gas burners covered with continuous porcelain-coated cast iron grates. The porcelain allows the grates to withstand high temperatures.  Another option is the 30” Jenn-Air downdraft gas cooktop with two sealed burners and a grill featuring Jenn-Air’s unique Excalibur nonstick grill grate finish. The burners on the gas downdraft cooktop ignite electronically, and if the flame dies down, they re-ignite automatically with Jenn-Air’s flame-sensing technology.

The sleek design of the Jenn-Air downdraft electric cooktop will fit in with any modern kitchen. It’s easy to clean and looks great!

If you prefer an electric cooktop with downdraft, Jenn-Air has several options, including induction cooktops with electronic glass-touch controls and a three-speed ventilations system. The smooth, seamless surface – interrupted only by the conveniently placed ventilation fan – can be cleaned with one swift wipe, and there’s no worry of curious, little fingers getting burnt on the induction burners.

Electric induction cooktops with downdraft start at 36” with five burners, while downdraft gas cooktops start at 30” and are also available in larger sizes.

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Re: Jenn-Air Downdraft Cooktop Review

Shouldn't this be in the "Karl's 2013 Kitchen Refurb" thread?

Re: Jenn-Air Downdraft Cooktop Review

Shouldn't this be in the "Karl's 2013 Kitchen Refurb" thread?

I think it's only available for minions of the Public Sector