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ISV Morrisons site

Photo taken today - 4th May

is this...

a bit later than planned start of this...

Re: ISV Morrisons site

Its good to see some more affordable housing down there. It will also link Windsor quay to the ISV. The design isn't great but it's not bad either.

Re: ISV Morrisons site

I've seen worse - and it will make the area feel a bit more urban.

Re: ISV Morrisons site

I walked past the Morrisons site today (6th May) and the JCB had gone. There was nothing it had appeared to have done there apart from leave tracks. Maybe it was just lost!
Though there was a JCB that had started to move some earth at the CISV Offices site, which is also a Bellerophon development.
Maybe they have one JCB for both developments

Re: ISV Morrisons site

Indeed. If you look on google maps street view you can see a JCB on site then and that was July 2012. Let's not get too expectant on this one.