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******G Pond-Life!!

Would it be an over reaction to hope that people who have these disposable barbecues in our beautiful park land and then just leave all their s**t behind get food poisoning and die!!!

Yep it probably is, so just the food poisoning please! - and oh how I despise these ***** (fill your own word in, I can't give any clues as to what that word is or I'd have to ban myself!!)

This by the Taff today - just when the tranquility of the area was having a very calming effect this got my stress levels right up there!!..

Re: ******G Pond-Life!!

I noticed that too walking through bute park yesterday. The council leave bins on the paths so it's not as if you have to carry your litter more than a couple of hundred yards.

Re: ******G Pond-Life!!

Most of these scum bags wouldn't put stuff in the bin if they were sitting on it! I know it's probably grumpy old man syndrome (although when it comes to litter I've had it since a very early age) but nothing maddens me more than the utter ignorance and complete lack of caring of these individuals. When you see it in parkland it just seems even worse, I mean they have an appreciation of a 'nice spot' and then leave it as 'not a nice spot' I just don't understand that?? But then there is no understanding of that

Re: ******G Pond-Life!!

While I agree with all of the above I do think Cardiff parks are lagging in not providing proper BBQ facilities. While there's no excuse for littering the options for people without gardens are pretty limited. I know there are BBQ facilities at Cosmeston but I don't understand why they aren't available in places like Victoria Park where you frequently see grass scorched by disposable grills.