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Mystery over plan for new homes in Butetown

Uncertainty surrounds the future of plans for 69 potential new homes in Butetown after the applicant went into administration.

Green Hill Construction, based in Newport, submitted a planning application to Cardiff council in March to build a mix of two and three bedroom houses and flats on overgrown land. This land was where the rear wings and gardens of the now remodelled Royal Hamadryad Hospital once stood.

But a month after the application had been submitted, it was confirmed that Green Hill Construction had gone into administration. The administrators have not yet been named.

The plans, still classed as live according to Cardiff council, are for affordable housing at the site on Hamadryad Road which would be managed by a registered social landlord.

The proposed development, which includes 29 houses and 40 flats, would also have 51 car parking spaces and 20 cycle spaces and would stand next to Hamadryad Park.

Objections to the plans have been made to the council which raised concerns about “over development” of what they say is an already congested area.

A petition of 119 signatures collected by local resident Ron Harris has also been handed in.

In a letter to the council, Mr Harris writes of his concern about “over congestion” of the area and cites examples of extra parked cars through people visiting Hamadryad Park to play football and to walk their dogs.

He wrote: “I only have one car and 9.5 times out of 10 have to park outside the Hamadryad Hospital. This space will also disappear if a further 69 flats and homes are built. This would mean I would have to park in Grangetown on the other side of Clarence Road Bridge which then upsets even more residents.”

In documents given to the council, Green Hill had said the development would have no negative impact on nearby homes and that it is “well suited” to neighbouring buildings.

It added: “It is believed that the development respects the privacy and amenity of the neighbouring housing and that it would provide a very high standard of accommodation in keeping with the area.”