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Re: Hampton Hotel Bute Street - take 2!!

I was thinking about some of the proposed developments that have just not materialised the other day and was wondering if anyone has news on the Hampton Hotel development or indeed anything surrounding the Skyview Estates development - what was it called, Merchant Quarter ?

It's two years since anything was posted on this thread. I'm just curious where Hilton went ? Was the planning process just that long and troublesome that they lost interest ?

Re: Hampton Hotel Bute Street - take 2!!

In the latest planning decisions it says "Deemed Withdrawn" for the whole Skyview Estates re-development that used to be called Merchant Quarter

It's a bloody shame as there are a few decent buildings and a plot of land (the car park) sat there wasted.

I wonder if the owners of the land just plan on sitting on it or if there's some other use planned for it that hasn't been publicised yet ?

Re: Hampton Hotel Bute Street - take 2!!

There was some work done on the old Post Office and Cory Chambers last year. I'm presuming that was done to ensure they were structuraly sound and weather-proof - so they could be planning on sitting on the site.

Re: Hampton Hotel Bute Street - take 2!!

I think the best bet for the site is some kind of resi-hotel redevelopment. The Bay could do with another hotel, and the apartment market will come back.

I don't think theres much hope for more office development (with the exception of perhaps another media building) for quite a few years in the bay, given the focus on the Central and Callaghan Square areas and Capital Quarter.