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Last night we witnessed the release Sogou input Typany an innovative product, which can be left open concept of the intelligent input device favored by a lot of people anywhere, have given "black technology", "Too Guards" evaluation, even though this may be an April Fool's invincible super pit, there are a lot of friends willing one after the jump. And today, as search dogs are also about to release a Typany reservation website, whether it is a show to do a full set,, or a real Guards product turned out to be, we do not know. Anyway, according to Xiao Bian is already an appointment, ready to send yourself a April Fool's Day gift.

Typany product introduction, as opposed to now, it can be described as wearable devices highlights a lot

on the reservation page, there are also creative presentation last night released a video, but also on the web for Typany Features introduction. Typany based on Bluetooth 4.0 technology, you can connect with anyone with a Bluetooth smart devices. Its precise positioning sensor input coordinates mind, free from the traditional projection size limitations, can be comfortably on any flat whim. Sogou is also based on the input data over the years, as Typany intelligent matching system designed to ensure the accuracy of the input. The interior design Typany seen from the picture is quite sophisticated, well-founded design also adds to its credibility.

appointment and not die anyway, better to make an appointment to try it?

seems Typany this project really has so one thing, what Sogou is intended that this pit dug the greater the more so that more people can jump, or really black marketer Technology killer intends to April Fool's Day Thus, when we will neglect the Sword, and now remains unknown. The small series will continue to focus on the development of Typany of things, so stay tuned.