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smart bracelet : Experience is really important?


smart bracelet , this unheard of a few years ago for the little things most people, after several years of continuous development, so it has become with the phone, the computer can compare the new industries. I believe that for most people, is nothing more than attention or the use of smart people into two categories: data analysis and guidance through healthy living person, and I like all kinds of fresh digital products like this, people who love to toss. Whether it is an early Fitbit One, Jawbone Up or recent Garmin Vivofit, or upcoming Gear Fit. More and more vendors are beginning to add to the smart dressed in this chain.



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However, people need 7 × 24 hours wearing smart bracelet , in addition pedometer and track sleep two basic addition, you also need to be able to greatly enhance the user experience through which design it? This article will pass early Fitbit Flex and recent Garmin Vivofit compare these two contrasting aspects of representative products, from the most basic pedometer and sleep tracking, to many functions operating experience, detail design, in order to interpret Those designing intelligent bracelet for.



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fact, this concept is not smart to wear only in recent years introduced as early as the Ming Dynasty, people already have one can be worn on the finger to facilitate the calculation of the abacus ring. Although the user's eyesight and finger steady, accurate sex have high demands, but easy to see that concept as early as in ancient times, the smart wear has been proposed for some people.



Jowbone UP


Now, with the processor constantly evolving low-power and high-precision manufacturing process, so that in the past only in the conceptual stages of intelligent wearable electronics products have to be manufactured. Status undoubtedly impressive Google Glass, however, is still two years after release compared to "a mirror hard to find", the more populist intelligent bracelet has become the first choice for many people, the 2011 Jowbone Up While so many people to the personal experience of smart bracelet freshness, but only a month after the sale,blank silicone wristbands, refund and would have suffered the embarrassment of the shelf. So Smart bracelet in the end what features need to have, or what the design needs to be able to bring the best experience for us?